Journalism Vs Development In Technology

The advancement of communication technology, such as the internet which has allowed quick and easy access to news and information online has potentially affected traditional media. The ability to report instantly, as well as technology convergence in gadgets that has allowed photos and videos to be spread almost immediately is something which traditional media largely lacks. Despite that, traditional media and the advance technology both aims for the same thing in journalism, which is to report and inform.

In this digital era, research has suggest that technology impacted journalism in terms of performance, content, structure and relationship of the organization and public (Pavlik, 2000). Being said, innovation is not always a threat that can’t be fixed. John V Pavlik suggested four principles that can act as a guideline for ensuring the innovation of journalism in news media continued to be viable in todays’ technology (Pavlik J. V., 2013).

Firstly, research is vital in any business. As reliability is key to news reporting, the need to evaluate all sources ensure that factual news and information are able to spread among channels especially online. Secondly, the freedom of speech must be assured. To express and devote loyally to news reporting requires the need to write freely without worrying about censorship or harassment. Thus, allowing news media to perform with ease and the public to feel valued. Thirdly, it is dedication to pursuing the truth. Often, the truth can cause organization, and sometimes government to plummet in disgrace. However, news reporting should focus on maintaining trust as that is the job of a journalist. Lastly, it is ethics. As new technology arises, boundaries should not be crossed such as hacking into phone or gadgets of individuals in the name of truthfulness. Privacy policies must be imposed to further ensure trust and confidence into the people.

The principles serves as a guideline to ensure that journalism is not lost and overpowered due to technology. Advancement only meant that the world continue to evolve to strive for effectiveness and efficiency. Thus, in journalism, reporting onto mainstream media and postings on social media is both valued and needed. What do you think?

Do you think Innovation and Journalism could co-exist peacefully?


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